My cascade has added so much peace to my home. Every friend that visits is so wowed by it and always asks where I got it. I love it so much!
— Mira, The Villages, Florida

I’ve had my my piece for over 7 years! I’ve only had to change a few things over the last few years but I love it! Thanks Jose for this beautiful creation.
— Frank Pazz, The Villages

I absolutely love Jose’s work. I bought one of his credenzas 25 years ago at an art show and I still have it to this day. I was so happy with it last week I went to the Market of Marion and purchased a new one to replace my old one.
— Barbara Jones, The Villages

I bought a wall water piece from Jose for my first home in The Villages. I sold it with my house so I didn’t have to take it down. I was so happy with it I had him make me a similar one for my second home.
— Linda, the Villages

I clean my piece once every few months. It is minimal work compared to the fish tanks I used to have. Its perfect for me because I love seeing the bubbles in the water. It is like having a tank without all the maintenance. Not to mention is makes a wonderful nightlight with the LEDs.
— Rob, New Jersey

I literally cried when I saw it on for the first time. Ive never had something so beautiful in my home. It was my husbands anniversary gift to me and it keeps giving me joy.
— Barbara, The Villages

Jose did a great job making my custom tropical water bubbler for my entertainment system. My family and I now sit on the couch and spend more time together talking rather than watching TV. That is the effect of great art in my opinion.
— Neil and Melissa, The Villages

I have seen my father shed blood, tears and sweat for years sharing his art with the world. It truly fascinates me how he can create something so beautiful with his hands. I’m so lucky to have witnessed a talented father and friend in my life.
— Muki, Alachua