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Window to Atlantis - A custom foyer piece that includes an underwater sea terrarium and water featured bubbler with a hand etched coral scene


Creating Unique Moments of Wonder for Home and Office


Transform your space 

Each terrarium is individually hand made. I work with my clients to create unique designs to best fit their homes and tastes. I use high quality latex flowers or corals to decorate each piece. I also offer hand etched sand blasted designs on the glass.

Water Features
CreatE Tranquility and movement 

Although optional, each design has the ability to be used as a water feature. Ranging from 4 - 12 gallons of water, my designs help you relax and create movement in your interior decor.

Lighting & Decor
enliven your environment 

All my designs come with state of the art custom LED lighting. There are up to 26 different colors and several different modes to uplift the ambience where ever you decide to place your piece.


Custom Creations

For over 30 years we've created unique works of art for homes and businesses. We are passionate about designing pieces that perfectly fit the space and mood our clients desire. Let's work together to make magic! 


Before & After!

Our work is made to add an unforgettable experience to your space with minimal to no effort on your part. Unlike aquariums, our water features (like cascades and bubblers), create movement and tranquility with very low maintenance. Many of our designs require no upkeep whatsoever! 


Bring Nature Home

I work with my clients to create an ambience and environment special to them. I typically work with beach scenes and tropical scenes to bring color and life to their decor.


We Come to You!

Contact us to get an exclusive private consultation in your home or office. We also deliver and ship all over Florida and the U.S.! 


Visit Us at Our Next Show!

We regularly travel to art, design, and trade shows around Florida and the U.S. Check our upcoming events to get to know us and our work.